Trainings on Health Equity

Communicating in Conservative Contexts: Strategies for Raising Health Equity Issues Effectively

To eliminate health disparities, we need to make progress in states and regions where conservative opinions are the norm. Some ways of talking about health equity topics can backfire in conservative contexts - while others can unlock the door to support for good policy. In this session, the FrameWorks Institute will share pragmatic strategies for navigating toward justice in red-state terrain. Each recommendation is grounded in evidence from empirical research showing that reframing can help to build common ground on even the most divisive public health topics.

Systemic Racism & Health Equity

Building an understanding of racism and how it is effects health equity is critical in addressing the health inequities faced by black and brown individuals. In this panel discussion facilitated by the Cornell Center for Health Equity you will hear three researchers perspectives and challenge how the issues are farmed and community in order to move health equity forward. 

Ohio Crisis Academy: Crisis Response for LGBTQ+ Populations

The webinar addressed the critically for the crisis continuum to be responsive to the unique needs of at-risk LGBTQ+ population. Additionally, the webinar focused on developing an understand of identity, safety planning, and allyship. 

Click here for the LGBTQ+ Resource Guide developed for this webinar. 

Why Health Equity Matters in Prevention

Although health equity is the term of the season, it is and should have always been at the core of everything we do. One size does not fit all, and to  provide the best prevention interventions possible, we must be flexible and adapt our services to meet community needs. This also means understanding the role of structural and institutional equality in creating disparities. Health equity matters in prevention and has always mattered. Let's seize the opportunity to uncover why it matters and how we can prioritize equity in action! Join Nicole for a conversation on WHY health equity matters in prevention. Offered by the Great Lakes Prevention Technology Transfer Center.

Hispanic/Latinos & Trauma

As part of the OhioMHAS Trauma Informed Care Training Series, in partnership with the Great Lakes MHTTC, Sylvia Pinto, MSW offers insights and stratagies for Hispanic/Latinos who have experienced trauma.